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AI Transformation Center was established to promote AI projects in DENTSU SOKEN (formerly ISID).

About AITC

AI Transformation Center is composed of experts who have worked on AI projects in various fields, including engineering, marketing, and media to create a business value with AI technology.
We have been engaged in a wide range of AI-related businesses, such as AI product development, consulting for AI leveraging in a variety of industries, and providing human resource development in the data science field.


  • TexAIntelligenceTexAIntelligence

    The AI solution for document utilization

    A huge amount of text data including customer inquiries, survey results, technical documents, and transaction records has been accumulated but not leveraged in companies. TexAIntelligence supports the creation of new value by applying advanced NLP AI (ISID-BERT) to the text data.

  • DiCADiCA

    The AI solution for design drawing check

    A lot of manufacturers are using paper-printed and complicated 2D design drawings. DiCA automates design drawing check which is conventionally manually done. It reduces man-hour and oversights and expands the potential of leverage of design drawings.

  • OpTApfOpTApf

    The AI solution for user-driven AI model-building and operations automation

    OpTApf enables users without knowledge of data science to automatically build and operate highly accurate AI models based on the MLOps concept.


    HUMABUILD ~ Practical AI and Data Application Human Resource Development Solution

    HUMABUILD is a solution that solves problems within companies through the use of AI and data, and develops human resources who can contribute to the DX of the company.

  • Know NarratorKnow Narrator

    Know Narrator ~ DENTSU SOKEN's proprietary ChatGPT solution powered by Azure OpenAI Service

    Know Narrator, a ChatGPT solution born from the successful implementation of various AI projects. To address our clients' challenges, we promote the adoption, utilization, and education of Azure OpenAI Service's ChatGPT, supporting you in enhancing your operational efficiency.

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